Tristan Hils

Today’s delightful day has involved covering the entire zoo, pinball and drinks, and a lovely Vietnamese noodle salad for dinner. Am I doing this sharing thing right?

Welcome to Verizon Outage Roulette™️! Between a personal iPhone, a work Android, two cellular iPads, and an Apple Watch, which can make calls and which will have data? Nobody knows, and it changes …

The wonderful moment when somebody doesn’t reply to your text, and so your brain decides that they must hate you.

The fun of the day job: driving 5.5 hours round trip, to be on site for about 30 minutes. Flying through the podcasts and audiobooks!

Finished reading: OtherLife (Last Reality) by Jason Segel 📚 Now accepting suggestions for other books with ‘Ready Player One’ vibes.

With all of the EXciTeMeNT going on with Twitter, I’m trying out again. I love the idea of owning your own content, in your own repository. Supporting small software creators ain’t bad …